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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Changing roles

About one year and a half ago, I took an IQ test from Tickle. At the time, the result was a score of 127 and the personality type of "Visual Mathematician". Of course, these tests should not be taken too seriously, specially when done by automatic means. Anyway, at the time I thought the test described pretty well my personality and my working abilities. It gave me some insight on who I was, and in some ways, why did I do things in some particular ways, specially at work.

Since then, a lot of things changed. I faced a hard time, found a new job, and started to work Today I took the same test again (of course, the actual questions were different). The result today was a better IQ score (135) and different type, "Facts Curator".

While I'm sure that I didn't get any more intelligent in the past eighteen months, the personality type change was revealing. I've spent the best part of the past year transitioning from a technically oriented individual (acting as a consultor) to a project manager. Over the past six months, the transition was even bigger, and I started to work as a team manager. This is a transition that I've been trying to make since a very long time ago, perhaps since I first started running my own business (that is about 20 years ago!). But it just happened now. The whole process was painful, but I feel it was worth, even knowing that there's still a long way to go.